Sunday, February 6, 2011

Technical Analysis Feb 2011: SALCON (8567)


Observation from Chart:-

SALCON retrace down from RM0.89 high to RM0.675 (-RM0.215)

Since 6 Dec 2010, it keep consolidate between RM0.675 & RM0.74

Once touching RM0.74, it will retrace down to RM0.675 level again and rebound to RM0.74.
RM0.675 may defince as support level & RM0.74 is strong resistant.

From MACD histogam, already turned GREEN color.
Both MACD line is going bulish crossover.

From RSI & Stochastic %K indicator, still at oversold stage.
Stochastic %K might trigger a buy call soon.

Let watch closely for entry opportunity.

Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!


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