Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Minimum Bids

A minimum bid is the permissible change on the offer to buy price over the previous done or quoted price. When trading on Bursa Malaysia, bids and offers for shares within different price ranges follow different minimum bids.

The following are the minimum bids for the different price ranges:

Sourse: Bursa Malaysia

Thursday, June 18, 2009





KNM 从RM0.32(2009年3月12日),升到RM1.09(2009年6月8日),不到3个月就爆升好几倍。。。


2009年3月12日买进10,000units X RM0.32 = RM3,200 
2009年6月15日卖出10,000units X RM1.09 = RM10,900
扣除broker fees etc, 大概可以净赚RM7,600!

POLYTWR 从RM0.21(2009年5月14日),跌到RM0.05(2009年5月28日),两个星期就爆跌好几倍。。。
2009年5月14日买进10,000units X RM0.21 = RM2,100 
2009年5月28日卖出10,000units X RM0.05 = RM500
扣除broker fees etc, 大概可以净亏RM1,650!

终结:一支股要爆升很难,可能要花几个月。。。但是要暴跌,几天而已!!!正所为,下山比上山容易!!!只要一天还没离开股市,都须切记:RISK MANAGEMENT!!! 亏了就得:Cut Lost, Protect Capital!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Different within Treasury Share VS Bonus

Treasury Share:
公司把自家公司股票的收购(share buyback)分发给股们!
因此,numbers of share issued 没变!

公司也是派股票给股东们,不过是 把它分割化,如 RM2 一股变成RM1两股。。。
因此,numbers of share issued 会变!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAYA, 0091 (DMB = Daya Materials Berhad)

8 June 2009, Daya had been announced will give away 3% of first and final dividend on 19 June 2009. Ex-date is around the corner, unfortunately, it just attract minor of the investor attention. 

As today, 10 June 2009 RM0.345, if buy 10,000units, cost RM3450 + broker fees etc = around RM3500

Ordinary share price is RM0.10, 
Dividend 3% = RM0.003 
10,000units, RM30 only... Added, the dividend had to deduct 25% income tax, so dividend less than RM30!!!

Definitely no attractive!!!

On the other hand, 10 June 2009 DMB announced Bonus Issue, one (1) new DMB Share (“Bonus Shares”) for every two (2) DMB Shares held will be issue on 22 June.  

So now need to do home work, company background etc b4 decide, when to BUY... plus when to SELL.

As my opinion, there is two suitable buy time. Either buy on 11 June (still cheap) & hold it, can get dividend plus bonus. Alternative, buy on 19 June will be more attractive... Once dividends give away, share price will be adjusted... can buy at cheaper price. Btw, will it be cheaper than 11 June, RM0.345 ???

**Remarks: All the sharing is personal view only, feel free to leave your comment. Pls make your own decision, calculate the risk & protect your capital! Thank you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Six Secrets of Money-Making Strategies

People carry debts to buy their dream. Average people study hard in university for years which is equivalent to buying a new house, and then they spend the next subsequent 20 years paying back their study loan.

They work hard for their pay and spend their entire life in debts and taxes.

By the age of 50, do they get the chance to relax and enjoy their fruits of labour in peace?

It is time for a change, get an extra income not part-time income.

Here are the six secrets to help you achieve dream without carry debts.

Secret #1 : Money is an idea

Making $10,000 a day is not simple but easy. If you think it is hard to make, you won't be able to make even $1,000 a day.

Change your mindset now, and find the right way to do it.

Secret #2 : Helping people to solve their problems, you will make money.

This is fact, you must give first before take. This is the simple rule and by doing it, you can get a lot of trust from potential customers.

Secret #3 : Focusing on things you know, you can and you have.

Not doing something that you are not familiar with.

Secret #4 : Working with a plan that creates passive income.

Fast or slow doesn't matter. Keep on working is more important.

Secret #5 : Work smart.

How the rich get richer is by investing their money in vehicles that produce passive income.

Secret #6 : Follow the footsteps of wealthy people and do things that interest you.
"The rich don't work for money, money work for them."

Source: Dr. Steven Lee