Saturday, August 28, 2010

KFC update

1. Interim Dividend, ex-date 07/09/2010 

2. Bonus Issue, ex-date 08/09/2010

3. Share Split, ex-date 08/09/2010

4. Free warrants, ex-date 08/09/2010 

You may refer YEELEE, KKB & HAIO trend to do $ projection, how high will KFC go!

From the chart, KFC trade at MA50 support level, which around RM10.50.

Ex-date is around the corner, so a lot of ppl will start acquire the volume.

As i go through the historical, KFC definite is defensive stock, economy downturn their stock price still stay strong. So, this round after share split + bonus issue, a lot of ppl effort take position, sure will boost up the stock price. Do take note that, their WARRANTs, expected will be very attractive as GAMUDA-WD, long rally!

Let watch closely this few days, do not miss the opportunity!


Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will BJTOTO break up bolinger band squeeze?

BJTOTO last dividend was declare on 18/06/2010 (Second interim single tier exempt dividend of 8 sen per share) It was under my expectation, may refer earlier sharing: 

So, how about this round? What's my view & opinion?

Around mid of Sept 2010, BJTOTO will announce the quarter report, will it declare the attractive dividend to boost up the stock price?

From insider action, insider has acquire certain volume since last week. Untill 24 August 2010, no disposed action. So, more or less, we can suspect it will declare dividend on coming quarter announcement. BTW, we still need to monitor closely coming few days, see is that other insider also acquired the stock OR any major shareholder dispose the stock.  

From technical view, the chart is forming bolinger band squueze, will it breakout OR break down? Is definite depend on the dividend. No matter trader or investor also eyes on their dividend payout. So now the price is keep consolidate around RM4.15

Let watch closely how it perform this few days.

Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finally OSK break up bolinger band squeeze

On my earlier sharing, Will OSK break up bolinger band squeeze?

After took nearby 3 months consolidate, finally OSK break up on 19 August 2010 with huge volume.

I am predict that OSK will announce the flying color quarter result & attractive dividend.

Let watch closely the quarter result & dividend announcement!


Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Investment Seminar

Date: 24 August 2010 

Venue: Wawasan Open University

Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang

For more info, pls click on poster above OR refer

Thank you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Will OSK break up bolinger band squeeze?

From the chart, OSK stock price has been consolidate for around TWO months, forming bolinger band squueze.... 

On 29 July 2010, dogi candlestick was formed.

On 30 July 2010, there are ppl start acquire the stock.

So, what do you think? Will it break up?

Let review OSK dividend payout history, as shown on above.

Around end Of August OR early September, OSK will declare their dividend.

Economy pick up, finance stock sure make profit (pls refer last quarter result, which announced on 25/05/2010), I believe that coming quarter result will more attract ppl. Perhaps OSK will declare attractive dividend boot up the stock price. 

I am predict, this round it will declare around 5  up to 10 cent dividend.

Let watch closely this counter.


Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!