Thursday, June 4, 2009

Six Secrets of Money-Making Strategies

People carry debts to buy their dream. Average people study hard in university for years which is equivalent to buying a new house, and then they spend the next subsequent 20 years paying back their study loan.

They work hard for their pay and spend their entire life in debts and taxes.

By the age of 50, do they get the chance to relax and enjoy their fruits of labour in peace?

It is time for a change, get an extra income not part-time income.

Here are the six secrets to help you achieve dream without carry debts.

Secret #1 : Money is an idea

Making $10,000 a day is not simple but easy. If you think it is hard to make, you won't be able to make even $1,000 a day.

Change your mindset now, and find the right way to do it.

Secret #2 : Helping people to solve their problems, you will make money.

This is fact, you must give first before take. This is the simple rule and by doing it, you can get a lot of trust from potential customers.

Secret #3 : Focusing on things you know, you can and you have.

Not doing something that you are not familiar with.

Secret #4 : Working with a plan that creates passive income.

Fast or slow doesn't matter. Keep on working is more important.

Secret #5 : Work smart.

How the rich get richer is by investing their money in vehicles that produce passive income.

Secret #6 : Follow the footsteps of wealthy people and do things that interest you.
"The rich don't work for money, money work for them."

Source: Dr. Steven Lee


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