Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAYA, 0091 (DMB = Daya Materials Berhad)

8 June 2009, Daya had been announced will give away 3% of first and final dividend on 19 June 2009. Ex-date is around the corner, unfortunately, it just attract minor of the investor attention. 

As today, 10 June 2009 RM0.345, if buy 10,000units, cost RM3450 + broker fees etc = around RM3500

Ordinary share price is RM0.10, 
Dividend 3% = RM0.003 
10,000units, RM30 only... Added, the dividend had to deduct 25% income tax, so dividend less than RM30!!!

Definitely no attractive!!!

On the other hand, 10 June 2009 DMB announced Bonus Issue, one (1) new DMB Share (“Bonus Shares”) for every two (2) DMB Shares held will be issue on 22 June.  

So now need to do home work, company background etc b4 decide, when to BUY... plus when to SELL.

As my opinion, there is two suitable buy time. Either buy on 11 June (still cheap) & hold it, can get dividend plus bonus. Alternative, buy on 19 June will be more attractive... Once dividends give away, share price will be adjusted... can buy at cheaper price. Btw, will it be cheaper than 11 June, RM0.345 ???

**Remarks: All the sharing is personal view only, feel free to leave your comment. Pls make your own decision, calculate the risk & protect your capital! Thank you.

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  1. Have you see the power of Bonus Issue???
    11 June 2009, the stock closed at 0.390 (+0.045)