Monday, June 20, 2016

Analysis on HAIO (7668)


As 17 June 2016, HAI-O closing price: RM2.68
PE: 15.60
DY: 5.6

Market value soared on FY2018

Referring above news,
if HAIO achieved the goal, how do you think they will reward their shareholders?
Will it proposed SPECIAL Dividend (BONUS share issue) to reward their shareholders?

If you follow HAIO closely, you may observed HAIO keep perform Share Buy Back from open market since year 2013
(Source: ).

Till 17 June 2016, it has accumulated 9,087,588 units, which is 4.49%

Will HAIO continue Share Buy Back? How many % ?

Let's move on to review their dividend payout.
HAIO do have dividend payout policy.

According pass dividend history, HAIO do distribute treasury share as Bonus Issue.
Although it might be too early to predict, this round what's Treasury Share used for.
No doubt, it have been quite sometimes, HAIO never distribute bonus share to shareholders.
So it's high probability, this round Treasury Share will be distribute as bonus issue.

For more info on HAIO dividend history

Lets watch closely HAIO for opportunity.

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