Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HAIO Final Dividend

Dividend History

From dividend historical, HAIO will announce their dividend around end of Sept OR early Oct.

However, HAIO has been 1 step early proposed 14.5cent dividend (Final Dividend of 10 sen, less tax and a single tier dividend of 4.5 sen) as their final dividend of FY 30 April 2010 on their website.

Attractive of HAIO:-

1.   PE ratio is 9.2

2.   DY ratio 8.7 

3.   One of the Nine M’sian firms make it to Forbes’ Best under a Billion

4.   Dividend Policy: The group has raised its commitment to reward shareholders by establishing a minimum dividend payout policy of 50% of net profit.

5.   Par value RM0.50, dividend RM0.145 = 29% 


Let watch closely, do not miss the opportunity!


Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!


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