Tuesday, June 22, 2010

KFC HOLDINGS (MALAYSIA) BERHAD : Bonus issue + Share Split + Free Warrants

(i) Proposed share split involving the subdivision of every one (1) existing ordinary share of RM1.00 each held in KFCH into two (2) KFCH Shares held on an entitlement date to be determined and announced later (“Proposed Share Split”);

(ii) Proposed bonus issue of 396,549,364 new KFCH Shares (“Bonus Share(s)”) on the basis of one (1) Bonus Share for every one (1) existing KFCH Share held after the Proposed Share Split (“Proposed Bonus Issue”);

(iii) Proposed issue of 31,723,949 free warrants in KFCH (“Warrant(s)”) on the basis of one (1) free Warrant for every twenty-five (25) existing KFCH Shares held after the Proposed Share Split and Proposed Bonus Issue (“Proposed Free Warrants Issue”);

You may refer YEELEE, KKB & HAIO trend to do $ projection, how high will KFC go!





Pls buy at your own risk & consult your broker b4 make any buy or sell order!!!


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